Mindi Caselden is an executive transformative coach working with clients ranging from 10 staff through 5K+ employees, across various industries (fintech, tech, logistics to name a few). Mindi partners with leaders to realise their potential, relate to their environment, and revere the humanity in all of us to bring about a more inclusive community and harmonious world. She brings her experience in organisational development, evolving leaders, and building high performance teams to companies dealing with their own scaling and transformation challenges.

Mindi is a curious individual who enjoys navigating complex ecosystems, collaborating with leaders and teams to co-create fluid, efficient ways of working within a safe, inclusive, and innovative environment.

Mindi is a StageSHIFT certified coach, consultant, and VHLP Practitioner, an EMCC Accredited Coach at Practitioner level, and a Certified Emergenetics Associate.



MJ - Director at an international tech company
It has been a very pleasure having Mindi as my coach for over a year. I developed my leadership skill greatly at a high speed in the past year. She has deep solid expertise in business/leadership and her passion to do coaching. I always had multiple questions per session. And she did surprise me by listening, articulating, explaining, recommending, and encouraging me. The reflection time through her sessions helped my mind grow. My overall performance for both private and business was improved. She is the person you can trust and who cares about human nature. After the year of her coaching, I feel more confident as a leader. I cannot appreciate her enough. 'Do you want to have her as your coach again? ' Anytime! I will continue with her!
ES - Group Lead at an international payments and banking company
Before the coaching experience I felt kind of stuck in my career and my life. The coaching made me realise that there is still a little spark inside me that is looking for positive change and wants to work on myself.  I was surprised by how open I was towards you and how willing I was to share everything with you. There was the immediate trust I had in you. I realised what I want to do in life and my career and get back to what I truly feel destined to do. But also how important it is to have a healthy work life balance for me. I am feeling complete again and I feel that I got some of my old self esteem and confidence back. It truly changed me in a sense, that I can feel like I am valuable again and am able to add value to what I am doing. I am finally hopeful and I am feeling that I am in charge again of my life and of my career. That is so extremely powerful and valuable, that I won't let this feeling go away so easily ever again! It was an experience that definitely helped me in finding my own path and becoming strong, brave and happy again. All of my expectations were fully met and even exceeded in so many ways that I am so grateful for!
BG - Lead at an international payments and banking company
I believe talking to Mindi was really enlightening to get different perspectives and she was able to share experiences of her own. Improving self awareness was a great outcome of the coaching sessions, but having Mindi as a coach makes you go a step further in understanding some situations and instigate you to think how to act differently if you are really looking for a change. I now understand what drives my energy, so I now try to plan my schedule in a way that allows me to "recharge my batteries" and feel less tired after days full of meetings. I started caring more about these things and started sparing a time to focus and "enjoy the silence". To keep improving my self awareness I started journaling my routine to identify triggers and where I can apply concepts I've been learning so far.

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