Jeff Caselden is an executive coach & consultant who finds purpose in helping others to develop their capability as holistic thinkers so together we can reinvent and redefine our collective relationships with work, business, and the planet around us. From the systems that make up their organisations, to the interpersonal relationships of their members, to the very reasons they exist to do what they do, Jeff examines with curiosity, highlights assumptions, and helps his clients to do the same. He believes success is measured not in profit but in our actualisation and fulfilment as humans living sustainably and consciously as part of the interconnected ecosystem of Earth.

Jeff has worked with clients ranging from high performing, hyperscaling organisations generating tens and hundreds of billions in revenue to small scrappy startups striving to bring their ambitions to fruition. After helping to grow Amazon Ireland to one of the company’s largest tech hubs, he’s coached and mentored other multinational leaders and entrepreneurs to successfully achieve their own ambitions. He’s especially passionate about leadership, all things talent (especially interviews, of which he’s done over 1000), and systems thinking & design.

Jeff is a StageSHIFT certified coach, consultant, and VHLP Practitioner, an EMCC Accredited Coach at Practitioner level, and a Certified Emergenetics Associate.



DL, Engineering Director at an internet software company
“I'm able to manage more folks. I have 2 teams across 2 different areas as well, and being able to scale myself across those 2 teams is something that kind of came out of this. And again, this was all the process about effective delegation, building good team environments, etc. I wouldn't have been able to do that a couple of years ago. My one-to-one people management skills are way, way better than they were before. My ability to pull together a team, set them on the right strategy and way of working, is way better than it was before as well. And then in terms of a mindset shift, I have a way more rounded view of how a company kind of works; before, I would have had this hierarchical view of how things work and this process-driven view of projects. And now I think it's a bit more of a mess, a bit more of a complex system of people, personalities, a bunch of work that you have to get done. And so my approach to solving problems in that kind of setup is way different. Being able to influence has improved as well. Even just recently, there was a strategy that was approved by our engineering leadership that I don't think I would have been able to do two years ago. It required a bunch of cross-functional collaboration between designers, engineers, and various directors and product managers with skin in the game. And so I feel better about that now than I did before.”
JG, Engineering Leader at a banking & payments company
"I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Jeff and Mindi for all the amazing work y’all have done in the domain over the last three years or so. You two have had a major impact in levelling up leaders (EMs and ICs alike), improving our hiring processes, and digging into some major organisation challenges. You’ll be missed. 💜"
RP, Engineering Manager at an internet software company
"It was a very painful and enlightening journey. Portugal has/had a very famous poet, he once wrote "Things last the necessary amount of time to be unforgettable" (Fernando Pessoa). I will never forget our conversations, the good and the bad ones. I am so so grateful that I got the chance to work with you. I remember when we first talked and the feeling I could trust you, that you actually cared. Thanks to your help I feel reborn. I feel like a new "posh" me, with a lot of jackets that I can use, based on the situation, but I still feel “me”. I wish there was a better word than thank you, but there is not."
CK, Head of Innovation at a semi-state entity
“Where working together really moved the needle for me was that it changed my outlook, gave me a maturing view of work and my relationship to it, helped me in prioritising the “big rocks”, and in managing my own expectations better and letting some stuff go. I’d been carrying a lot of assumptions with others and adapting my approach to them which crippled me for far too long. I would like to continue with coaching as I think it’s helped me reach an inflection point, a bit of “professional therapy”. I’d like to explore further to go even deeper, as it feels like the start of an even deeper journey of how to use it and where to go with it.”

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