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Our purpose at Caselden Consulting is to help others strive for excellence and realise their fullest potential, while recognising the humanity in all of us. The value we add for our clients takes many forms and provides them with best practices and bespoke frameworks to:

  • Focus their own sense of purpose and their message to bring people together to accomplish amazing things and lead happier, more productive lives.
  • Support & foster the learning, curiosity, and adaptability necessary for individual and professional growth in today’s world.
  • Deliver operational excellence by creating scalable mechanisms and processes, a mindset for growth, and a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Manage the change and overcome the obstacles associated with high-growth environments to attain “next level” success.

Sector Expertise

Internet and Technology
Life Sciences and Medical

Our Team

With nearly 20 years in one of the world's fastest growing and most successful companies, we bring our experience and expertise to you. We're dedicated to helping our clients identify & maximise what they do best, eliminate waste & inefficiency, and achieve high performance.

Mindi Caselden / Co-founder & Chief Catalyst

The Energizer bunny of our organisation, Mindi is a source of energy, ideas and a catalyst for change. If you’re looking for that bright spark that can change your entire approach to work, and bring back life and a sense of joy to your organisation, then Mindi is the person to speak to.

Specifically, Mindi can look a situation and see whether the expectations you have set for yourself are realistic or not, and then give you the tools to reassess and rebuild your strategy accordingly.

Mindi looks at you and your business holistically, balancing growth desires with reality, and giving you that much needed sense check.

Mindi’s background includes education & instructional design, extensive client services experience, and process & project management. Mindi understands large-scale project management, having brought in a new clinical research data application implementing this in over 80 sites. From training, to quality checks – each site had its own requirements and she created a single, flexible process. Mindi has worked in the education, life sciences, and eCommerce sectors.

Jeff Caselden / Co-founder & Principal

Systems thinking. A buzzword maybe, but my goodness does Jeff do it well. He’ll dismantle the broken engine of your business and show you how to piece it back together until it’s running smoothly. Jeff really shines in his connection with people, and his understanding that it’s people that fuel your success.

How do you build systems that provide predictable outcomes, while keeping the essential human element front and centre? Jeff understands this, it’s more than just the process.  It’s a truism that ‘everyone is different’, the real question is ‘how do you identify how each individual works best in the organisation?’.

Jeff’s experience includes over 17 years with in leadership roles. As General Manager for the 6th largest development centre, he oversaw the growth of the centre from 300 to over 1300 people over 3 years. As part of global leadership team for the Amazon search engine, he was responsible for 50-60% retail revenue of a 125-150bn dollar business. And as a leading member of the Amazon bar-raiser committee, Jeff has interviewed hundreds of people across all kinds of business functions – so he understands your needs to keep the talent quality and culture bars high. Jeff can help you keep your values, without sacrificing growth.

t: +353 1 558 5819

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Registered office: 6-9 Trinity Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. Registered in Ireland. Registration number 597248.

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