Good companies work.

Great companies work with us.






Good companies work.

Great companies work with us.


Here’s why
You need to hire and retain the best people. Your leadership needs to be ready for the next stage of growth for your business. You want to expand into Europe through Ireland. You want to accelerate your own growth. You want to be better. We help others be the best at what they do.
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What we do
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Leadership & Management Development

  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Emergenetics Profile Assessments & Workshops
  • Training & Workshops
  • Online/eLearning Programs

Talent Planning & Selection

  • Skills Assessment & Business Needs Planning
  • Interviewing Strategies & Techniques
  • Building High Performance Teams

Strategy Development

  • Scaling for Growth
  • Operational Excellence & Efficiency
  • Change Management
  • Organisational Values

Advisory Services

  • Program & Project Management
  • FDI into Ireland (EMEA expansions for US and other multinationals)
Who we are
We’ve worked in one of the world's fastest growing and most successful companies, we’ve worked with companies at every stage of their business development, we understand your business and how to take it to the next level. But that’s just experience. We’re much more than that. We're dedicated to helping the people we work with identify & maximise what they do best, eliminate waste & inefficiency, and achieve high performance.

Mindi Caselden

Co-founder, Chief Catalyst

The Energizer bunny of our organisation, Mindi is a source of energy, ideas and a catalyst for change. If you’re looking for that bright spark that can change your entire approach to work, and bring back life and a sense of joy to your organisation, then Mindi is the person to speak to.

Specifically, Mindi can look a situation and see whether the expectations you have set for yourself are realistic or not, and then give you the tools to reassess and rebuild your strategy accordingly.

Mindi looks at you and your business holistically, balancing growth desires with reality, and giving you that much needed sense check.

Mindi’s background includes education & instructional design, extensive client services experience, and process & project management. Mindi understands large-scale project management, having brought in a new clinical research data application implementing this in over 80 sites. From training, to quality checks – each site had its own requirements and she created a single, flexible process. Mindi has worked in the education, life sciences, and eCommerce sectors.

Mindi is an EMCC Accredited Coach at Practitioner level and a Certified Emergenetics Associate.

Jeff Caselden

Co-founder, Principal

Systems thinking. A buzzword maybe, but my goodness does Jeff do it well. He’ll dismantle the broken engine of your business and show you how to piece it back together until it’s running smoothly. Jeff really shines in his connection with people, and his understanding that it’s people that fuel your success.

How do you build systems that provide predictable outcomes, while keeping the essential human element front and centre? Jeff understands this, it’s more than just the process.  It’s a truism that ‘everyone is different’, the real question is ‘how do you identify how each individual works best in the organisation?’.

Jeff’s experience includes over 17 years with in leadership roles. As General Manager for its 6th largest development centre, he oversaw its growth from 300 to nearly 1500 people over 3 years. As part of the Amazon Search global leadership team, he was responsible for 50-60% retail revenue of a $125-150bn business. And as a leading member of the Amazon bar raiser community, Jeff has interviewed hundreds of people across all kinds of business functions – so he understands your needs to keep the talent quality and culture bars high. Jeff can help you keep your values, without sacrificing growth.

Jeff is an Enterprise Ireland mentor, an EMCC Accredited Coach at Practitioner level, and a Certified Emergenetics Associate.

Our principles
People come first, full stop. Any group’s greatest asset, humanity cannot be ignored. The best technology, roadmaps, and KPIs in the world won’t save an organisation lacking the respect, empathy, kindness, and fun we all need & deserve as human beings.

Always add value

Make a positive impact in all that we do; our worth is defined by the value we bring to our customers.

Better together

No one succeeds alone and nothing truly exists in isolation. Open communication, a diversity of ideas & experience, and community involvement are key pillars to building a sustainable & healthy future.

Keep getting better

Mind the details for sure, but remember the world isn’t static and failure is often the best teacher. Embrace learning, be willing to work beyond boundaries, build lasting relationships, and be adaptable to change.

Find your purpose

Follow your passion, play to your strengths, and never settle. True satisfaction comes from finding your purpose and doing what one does best. Life’s too short to not identify & pursue that which inspires ambition, delivers fulfillment, and brings joy to life.

Our clients
We work with companies big and small across a variety of industries.
What they say about us

Both Jeff and Mindi are brilliant to work with. I was hugely impressed with their ability to focus what i suppose we already knew about ourselves and our business into a coherent message.

I can see this becoming a long term relationship where we consult them as we grow and expand to maintain focus on our core goals and values.

Barry Lyons

Director, Krüger|Lyons

It’s been a pleasure working with Caselden Consulting as we’ve built out the BuyMedia platform. Friendly, approachable, positive, and able to “talk tech” in layman’s terms, Jeff’s experience in working at scale and putting customers first shows through at every level. His ability to bring ideas to life and anticipate future obstacles has helped us deliver innovations for our customers that will endure beyond the here and now as our business grows.

Fergal O’Connor

Founder & CEO, BuyMedia

Both Jeff and Mindi are consummate professionals – a rarity in fact, in that they are not only experts at what they do, but they are approachable, helpful, diligent, strategic and client focused at all times. It is always a pleasure to work with Caselden Consulting.

Simon Haigh


Mindi made me feel comfortable in all the sessions we had together. She helped me to see many things that I am able to change to become a better person and understand myself better. I can’t think of anything I didn’t like in the session. It was a different and good experience that I had.

Bruna Nobrega

Digital Marketing | Social Media | Events | PR
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